Income Requirements:

Arbours at Cane Creek is operated under Affordable Housing Program under Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code. Residency at Arbours at Cane Creek is for those families having moderate incomes. The maximum allowable income (by family size) for the Anniston area is listed in the table below. Rents and income limits are subject to change without notice, pending HUD Updates.

Two Bedroom           $670.00
Three Bedroom         $800.00
Four Bedroom           $925.00

Application Fee: $30 per person
Security Deposit: $250 - $350


# Household        60%Income Limit

1 Person                $26,760

2 People                $30,540

3 People                $34,380

4 People                $38,160

5 People                $41,220

6 People                $44,280

7 People                $47,340

8 People                $50,400

Gross income is calculated as income before taxes.
Income includes, but is not limited to, wages from employment, social security, pension, court ordered child support, unemployment, self-employment income (must be verified with previous tax return), and gift contributions (can only be 35% of qualifying income).

**Income limits effective 5/21/2021